Kim Dao and Boyfriend Answer Fan Mail

Kim Dao, one of Australia’s best-known YouTubers, recently posted a video on the eve of her departure to Japan. Before moving to Japan, she had been dating her boyfriend Eric for five years, and they have maintained a long-distance relationship since she relocated.


The video is a Q&A session in which the couple answer questions about their relationship and their future together. According to Kim Dao, the couple met through a Japanese club at university and became friends right away. She wasn’t terribly interested at first because she thought he was much older, but after finding out that he was just five years her senior, she came around.


The two plan on continuing their relationship and want to be reunited eventually, either in Japan or Australia, depending on where Eric’s career takes him. According to Eric, it’s no surprise that Kim Dao decided on a stint in Japan as this has been a dream of hers for a long time. When asked about how their relationship would be affected by the change, both replied that their relationship is very stable and that they didn’t foresee any problems. Eric, however, did add that he wishes that she would stay in Australia but that he does not want to stand in the way of Kim Dao’s dreams.


When asked to describe one another in just one word, Eric described Kim Dao as “creative,” citing her YouTube career and love of art and music, whereas Kim described her boyfriend as “loving” and “affectionate.”


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