Dream Achieving Advice from Doe Deere

When asked about her ambition, Doe Deere states that she has always loved to be creative. This creative desire made her be ambitious. Her dream as a child was to become a musician. She succeeded in that dream when she moved to New York as a seventeen year old. She lived in New York from 1998 until 2012. Doe and her bandmate/husband lived together in Manhattan and in Brooklyn. That creative ambition that drove her to go to New York to start a band additionally helped her become the owner of the makeup brand Lime Crime.

Her music pursuits taught Doe Deere how to market a business, something that came in good use when she went into the beauty business. She describes that she first started being interested in business when she sold temporary tattoos as a kid.

Doe Deere says that young women who are ambitious should follow their heart and find what is special about themselves that no one else has. Use that one thing that is special about you to achieve whatever goals it is that you have in your heart. She admits that for much of her life at first she felt kind of alone in how she thought and what she liked. As she grew older though, she realized despite being different she fit into the world just as anyone else does since that feeling different aspect is part of that one special thing about herself that no one else has. When she focused on what she loved and what was special about herself, Doe Deere was able to create Lime Crime and find business success.

Doe Deere also cites that to have success you need to figure out what is missing from the world. She made Lime Crime after noticing beauty companies mostly only sold natural or neutral colored makeup. After making some rainbow, electrifying lip colors she was shocked to learn many girls and women loved the color choices.

Deere says her passion for makeup really made her successful as well. She believes fashion, style, hair and makeup are one way women can express and create themselves how they want to be seen in the world. It is largely a confidence booster to do your makeup, hair and clothing. Lime Crime knows this and uses it for their sales by encouraging women and girls to be creative individuals.

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Compliance Officers Are Committed to Justice; Helane Morrison Paved The Way

A company can be at risk when management and employees don’t follow federal and state regulations. Business leadership can be aware problems exist but don’t know how to approach the issue. Or, they are inclined to think the problem is not major enough to warrant rocking the boat with fellow workers. Problems left unchecked can grow and fester over time until they become unethical issues involving corporate theft, contracting without a license and fraud.

Compliance officers identify problems within a company and fix them. They may inspect safety equipment, worksites after an injury, perform audits and even interview employees when handling complaints. It takes a special kind of person to inspect a company’s compliance with internal and external rules. They must lead by example and influentially, be strict to follow procedure and have excellent people skills. Management, department supervisors and hourly employees will implement direction given by the corporate compliance officer and make needed changes.

Helane Morrison, as a compliance officer, is a pioneer with a commitment to justice. She was to the first woman to serve as Chief Compliance Officer, and joined the Executive Committee at Hall Capital Partners LLC in November 2007. Helane was Regional Director and then became head of enforcement for then Securities Exchange Commission in San Francisco, CA from 1996 to 1999. Ms. Morrison also practiced law and became a partner with the law firm, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin.

Helane primary focus was SEC concerns, defense of private securities and business litigation. As a lawyer, she conducted internal corporate investigations and tried cases for the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office. Ms. Morrison examined company records of brokerage firms and investment advisors. She wrote letters requesting companies to make changes in their business practices and referred cases to the enforcement staff. Helane exposed corrupt brokers and defends defrauded customers. 

Helane Morrison’s tough character has helped her maintain ethical integrity throughout her career. She’s shown how to be a successful compliance officer. She also influences others to follow the rules involving the financial industry. Even now, with so little faith in Wall Street and the belief that there are no guarantees any investment is safe, Ms. Morrison keeps watch that investors and their clients are in compliance with SEC regulations.

QNET’s Initiatives Help Female Entrepreneurs Prosper

QNET is gaining wide recognition for its proactive take on developing women entrepreneurs. The Asian direct selling company was recently featured in an article by Gulf News 24/7 for its commendable efforts in bringing business opportunities to women who are learning to harness their natural abilities and talents to become truly empowered business leaders in their field. This recognition of QNET’s unique opportunities for women comes just in time for International Women’s Day.

You may recognize QNET for the nutrition, weight management, personal care, home goods and clothing accessories it offers via its direct selling program. It is the main subsidiary of the QI parent group of companies and has grown to an international market, although its presence is most frequently recognized in Asia. QNET operates on a multi-level marketing model, which allows its product representatives to sell directly to customers and earn compensation based on their sales and ability to recruit new product representatives. It officially was recognized on the Philippine Stock Exchange in 1998.

In the years since QNET was founded, it has gained an impressive number of celebrity endorsements, most recently including Martina Hingis, recognized as the former world’s number one tennis player. She now serves as a brand ambassador for QNET in India. In addition to gaining wide recognition as a successful direct selling company, QNET has been awarded for its commitment to corporate social responsibility. For five consecutive years, QNET was the recipient of the Caring Company recognition by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

While QNET is involved in a variety of initiatives that advance corporate social responsibility, it also sees itself as a vehicle to allow individuals to achieve their highest potentials and maximize their quality of life. The business opportunities QNET offers to individuals willing to make an investment in improving their quality of life by embracing an entrepreneurial spirit.

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