Norka’s Showcase: Her Fate is Music

Norka denotes that she comes from one of the most humble family on the face of the earth. Her life is full of lessons and experiences. She speaks a language that combines culture and achievement. For this reason, she had all she needed to understand the fate of his endeavors. She was in the United States to present her showcase when she got the chance to talk to the world.

Norka was born in Venezuela. However, she is currently living in the United States. Because of the independent support she got from the well-known producer, she is now in the full spotlight of the music industry. For the first time in history, Norka presented her first album. The album “Miracle” is now one of the most requested songs in Latin America. In Venezuela, the song is played on all radio stations.

For this song, Emilio Estefan brought together the best team of producers in Venezuela including Alberto Gaitan, the Ricardo brothers, Puerto Rican, Archie Pena, and Luis Giraldo to work on the album. The only thing that took too long to determine is the genre of the song. It is a combination of Rhythm, Pop, R&B, Ballads, Blues, and Rock.

Since her childhood, Norka was a gear singer. When she was still a child, she discovered her talent. Her mother says that Norka would not catch sleep if music were never played. She was an addict for rhyme. While she attended elementary school, her parents decided to enroll her at a local music school. While she was a child, Norka got a chance to participate in numerous competitions. When she graduated from high school, she went to France to further her studies. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Management and Fashion from the University of France. However much he loved education, something at the back of her mind reminded her of her music passion.

For this reason, she decided to join the Bad Moon Rising band in France to help her keep tuned to her dream. She appeared on various platforms and developed a great skill as a soloist. When she returned to the United States, she shared her culinary arts and fashion. For the first time in history, Norka got the rare opportunity to meet with the legendary producer Emilio Estefan. This was the dawn of her success. Emilio liked her music. For this reason, she extended a warm welcome to the studio. For Emilio, vocals were the main element that separated a singer from a successful singer.

New Video Shows Severe Issues in Venezuela

With the economic collapse in Venezuela showing no signs of improvement, conditions in Caracus have reached devastating proportions. A new video released by Fox Business News shows Venezuelan citizens looting their city and foraging for food in garbage pails.
As more and more Venezuelans like Jose Figueroa, 50, feel the impact of the economy’s rapid demise, it is most of all resulting in a wide-spread, outbreak of hunger. The food shortage in Venezuela is reaping havoc on citizens and is causing them to resort to desperate measures to feed themselves and their families.

This shocking video circulating on Open Corporates shows people digging through heaps of garbage in hopes to find their next meal. Additionally, some sources claim that Venezuelans are eating dog food to survive. Besides garbage diggers, the city’s capital is also experiencing enormous issues with people looting food trucks. Although the U.S. National Guard troops have been called in to control these problems, they do not appear to be helping the situation.

Just last week it was announced that the Coca-Cola company would stop production of their sodas that contain sugar, because there is not enough sugar to make them. And now, this harrowing video only further proves that something has to be done soon to help Venezuelans to heal their deteriorating economy before starving citizens perish from hunger.