They Can’t Eat You is Marc Sparks Roadmap to the Top

The path to success can be a strange one. There are few people who can predict the exact right direction that a person must take in order to fulfill their dreams. The book, They Can’t Eat You, is the recap of the path of successful businessman, Marc Sparks.

He was a person who showed little educational prowess in high school by accumulating a C+ average but then decided to throw convention on its end and move forward toward his own success. We are all told a collective story by society that we should ascribe to in order to find success and happiness. It tells us that we should go from high school to college, to a job. Then to work your way up in that industry until finally you are making a decent wage. This book shows that this idea is wrong and walking your own path is the real meaning of success.
They Can’t Eat You is a recap of the rise of Marc Sparks and how he has been able to start and build a number of businesses over the years and build them all into successful ventures. Sparks had everything in his life pulled out from underneath him. In that situation you have two choices, quit or find a way to move forward. He used the experience to push him into finding a formula for starting successful businesses –

The formula he uses can be copied and emulated in virtually any industry and bring success to people in poor circumstances. Sparks started over and had to build his way to the top on his own terms. This gave him the formula to continually create new businesses.

According to NBCDVD and Citrite, the book not only shares the inspirational story of Marc Sparks but also provides a list of tips to help anyone create their own path. He calls them “Fifty Sparks” and they are no nonsense, simple tips that will help you create your own path to the top of the financial world.

The tone of the book is easy to follow and Sparks writes with the conviction of someone who has experienced the realities that he is writing about. They Can’t Eat You will inspire you to step out and start to pursue your dreams of financial success. So often it is the act of getting started that can be the most intimidating. The most exciting adventure is your next one and the success that awaits you is just in front of you. Read more: Marc Sparks – President @ Timber Creek Capital and Spark Tank Social Innovation Challenge

Marc Sparks runs a company in Texas that is implementing the practices spoken of in the book. He provides a location for promising business ventures to establish themselves and grow into huge successes. Timber Creek Capital is the name of his latest business venture and they can provide a location for three businesses to fully incubate and grow into their own success. It involves providing the right environment and resources for success. The book They Can’t Eat You is a worthwhile read for anybody who dreams of doing their own thing and being successful.