Clay Siegall: A Concerned, Dedicated Scientist

Imagine being a serious scientific researcher of the oceans and climate. You finally get your big break to be a part of an Arctic expedition where you will be taking sea ice samples and studying the ocean. You couldn’t be more excited about your very important work for climate change. You gear up, get to the port and board your ship named Boaty McBoatface.

This research vessel was named Boaty McBoatface by an Internet naming contest gone awry. The name stuck and it is hilarious. This is the kind of story that was posted to Clay Siegall’s blog. It is hilarious, poignant and it goes to show you just what kind of guy he is.

His blog is full of scientific articles searching for the truth. Some of the articles pose some seriously weird questions. One article tries to answer the question — did humans and Neanderthals have sexual relations? Most of the scientific articles found on his blog concerned climate change and its vital research. You don’t have to know much about the guy to know that he is thoroughly committed to science and all of the truths it uncovers.

You can also see a little trepidation in his blog. He has posted an article that serves as a survival guide for newlyweds looking to navigate the troubled waters of the Affordable Care Act’s repeal and replacement. There is also an article refuting fake news and this new paradigm where people choose not to believe in science. It is a pretty scary thought because Donald Trump has publicly stated his opposition to scientific facts. It seems like it can be a troubling time for a scientist.

Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics. The company is tirelessly using science to search for treatments and cures for cancer and other autoimmune diseases. They do this by investigating the diseases on a genetic level in order to tailor a precise and individualized treatment protocol.

Clay Siegall made the shift from scientific researcher to CEO when the company went public in 2001. He is now responsible for public outreach, fundraising and the integrity of the company.