Changing the Face Of the American Political Scene Seems To Be An Aim For George Soros

George Soros is a highly seasoned member in the world of politics. Hailing from Hungary, George faced various struggles under the Nazi Regime in his youth and made it his mission to go on and make a difference in the world by involving himself with the political aspects of society. Soros made his fortune by partaking in some risky currency trades while he was still in Hungary.

George Soros has been an active supporter of the Democratic Party since the election of President Bush in 2004. During that time, he invested more than $27 million into the Democratic party and all the organizations the party supports. Having spent a considerable amount of money in 2004, George and the Democratic Party experienced a huge setback when Bush was sworn into office. Soros has vowed never again to contribute that significant amount of money to a party ever again but however decided to do so in the recent presidential elections on owing to his fear of the opposition Donald Trump and his tremendous faith in the Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton.

George Soros stands by the values of the Democratic party. In his opinion, America will experience a huge downfall if placed in the hands of the wrong people. His re-entry into the world of politics was mainly due to a genuine concern for the nation. Unhappy with the election decision on, Soros is now leading a movement against Donald Trump, lobbying for his impeachment. He believes that with the laws that President Trump wishes to put in place, it is likely that America will turn into an extremely hostile nation with its citizens revolting against the system of governance.

After the passing of the laws banning immigrants and refugees, George Soros decided to invest large sums of money into small businesses of people who are currently seeking refuge in America and who are facing discrimination owing to the new laws in place. Soros believes that now, with the new system in place, the economic and political scene in America is soon going to experience a crisis unless changes are made. The main aim of this action on BusinessInsider was to encourage other investors to follow his lead and extend a helping hand to families who are losing their livelihood, solely because of the new law.

George Soros is known for his philanthropic efforts. He is actively involved in helping institutions and strives to help those who are fighting for fair justice. Just last year, Soros donated a huge sum of money to an organization that was fighting a court case for the termination of Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The court trial was in response to allegations of Joe Arpaio being involved in numerous offenses dealing with immigration laws, criminal law enforcement and misuse of power. Soros efforts in helping the organization proved fruitful when the court ruled for Arpaio to step down from the position of Maricopa County Sheriff. With Soros’ efforts, the new Maricopa County Sheriff was appointed. The position was handed over to Paul Penzone, a member of the Democratic Party.

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