Bernardo Chua: The Lucrative Expansion Of Organo Gold

Organo Gold

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. His mission was to spread knowledge about the herbal influence of Ganoderma and its health benefits. Bernardo Organo Gold coffee derived from an ancient Chinese mushroom that has been proven to build a strong and healthy body if used accordingly. Organo Gold is open in 13 countries around the world. And by using a very cost effective strategy, he is able to grow successfully more and more every day, building the Organo Gold Union world-wide.

Bernardo Chua

Bernardo uses a direct sales strategy to introduce his products to people around the globe. He is known as one of the leading names in the direct sales industry. When he built his business model, he recognized how many benefits the “direct sales” approach had for the company, and used this strategy to pull in an estimated amount of $35 million in 2010.

He has played a very successful role in two companies known as Organo Gold and Gano Excel. Both of these products played a key part in the lucrative expansion of the Ganoderma herb. Bernardo Chua believes it is necessary to work with some of the best experts in the organic product industry. This allows him to provide the best quality for his customers, yet also uphold an affordable price for his brand. He is a very successful man, and one of the most skillful in the Pacific Rim.

Award Winning Enthusiast

According to Zoominfo, Bernardo Chua continues to exceed expectations. He has been recognized for his hard work and business potential over and over again, continuously receiving rewards for his contributions. With Organo Gold being a well-established brand, he is able to place more of his efforts into refining his business model and producing an even better product for the world to enjoy.