Kenneth Goodgame’s Views On Effective End Caps

Stores use end caps displays to attract shoppers who only plan to buy items within the perimeter of the store. End caps are known to encourage consumers to explore adjacent aisles that contain similar products. This way, they improve sales. Since retailers and manufacturers use this tactic to boost sales, it is important to create an effective end cap. In his blog article posted on April 7, 2016, Kenneth Goodgame, a merchandising expert, gives tips of an effective end cap.

Great end caps are relevant, timely and local. Kenneth gives an example of using products like heaters in spring or fans in the fall. The perfect timing of displaying these products serves to increase their sales. Ken asserts that another element of a good end cap is one that is tied to the manufacturer’s national advertising strategy.

Kenneth recommends that retailers should have end caps of the item that are on TV. Most retailers sell end cap space to vendors to ensure that there is proper coordination of the promotion in the retail stores.

An effective end cap should be interactive for purposes of consumers’ understanding. For instance, when displaying a cordless drill, one should ensure that significant features and benefits are clearly indicated. One should include accessories with the main product at full margin to avoid erosion on the featured item. Kenneth advises retailers not to exceed 4 items for a working end cap.

Kenneth Goodgame contends that great end caps should project the value of the items since consumers go for value when shopping. Goodgame warns retailers not to pick the OPP for an end cap item. The information was originally reported on Ken Goodgame’s website as explained in this link

About Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is the chief merchandising officer of True Value Hardware Corporation, Chicago, IL. He is also the senior vice president of the corporation. The highly influential operational management expert has used his vast experience and unique capabilities to enhance success at True Value Hardware. Kenneth has also held top positions in various companies, including Ace Hardware Corporation, Techtronic Industries North America, Newell Rubbermaid, and the Home Depot. According to Bloomberg, Kenneth Goodgame pursued his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee.