George Soros Encouraging and Supporting Democratic and Liberal Political Views

George Soros is a wealthy businessman with a keen interest in the political sphere of the United States. As a Jewish born Hungarian now residing in the United States, he has seen the oppression faced by Jewish in the hands of Nazis and how the world has transformed over the last few decades. Having seen it all in his lifetime, George Soros has an apparent mind of what the world needs regarding political leadership. It is one of the reasons why he staunchly supports the Democratic Party of the United States. The ideology that he follows is similar to that of the Democratic Party, and that is why he leaves no stone unturned in supporting the political candidates hailing from Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton, who belonged to the Democratic Party, was fully backed by George Soros. He even financed her election campaign and made donations amounting to over $30 million, directly to her campaign as well as channeling the funds through the Super PAC.

George Soros is also known across the globe for his philanthropic efforts, and he recently made a bold move of transferring the significant portion of his wealth amounting to $18 Billion to the Open Society Foundations, a non-profit organization started by him. It is an organization that has a vast network across the globe and partners with many other charity organizations to reach the common goal of rehabilitating the people in need and reaching out to the communities that are underprivileged. George Soros firmly believes that it is the responsibility of the people who have the power, wealth, and resources in abundance to help the ones who are not so blessed. He says that his wealth has given him the freedom to make his voice unheard in an era of Capitalism, which in a way, is a much more significant threat than what Communism ever was.

George Soros is one of the business icons of his era, and as a hedge funder, he is amongst the most successful of all times. His hedge funding firm by the name of Soros Management is amongst the most successful there is, and it continues to provide significant returns to its investors. George Soros has been associated with the political landscape of the United States in one way or the other for the past many decades because he feels that politics gives the power to make a long-lasting contribution to the society. He says that politics is what paves the route for positive reforms in the community that would help build a better tomorrow. It is why he channels his fortune in the politics to ensure that the people elected in power are the ones who listen to the disappointment and dismay of the people and act upon it to make a difference.

George Soros is currently 87 years old, but even at his age, he is amongst the most active social and political reformers. He continues to support the Democratic Party for its liberal views and supports the charities and foundations that have the same ideology as him.

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