Color Takes Japan By Storm


Fashion is sometimes dull and drab with no reasonable explasnation for its outrageous styles. London and New York typically recycle old styles and bring them back to life with some feathers, fluff, or platform shoes. This same old same old is not the way they do fashion in Japan.

This year’s fashion show in Japan may recycle a lot of styles we have seen in the past but they do it with flair and color. Color pops out from even the dullest and drabbest clothing to make everything look new and fresh. Whether it is a stole, wrap, shoes, or even a fashionable new pastel bag, color ruled the catwalk in Japan.

Color is an important part of keeping things fresh. JustFab understands this concept and integrates more colors in more shades in their shoes and accessories. Finding something that will give a facelift to that same old office wear will not be difficult at JustFab. They are on Wikipedia.

The Japan fashion week offered a lot of new looks and new ways to use color in your wardrobe. One such way is to mix a number of deeper shades and hues. Sticking to one color is great, but why not try different shades of that color to really make your look pop? Throwing in a shade that is one or two hues lighter will help offer eyecatching apparel.

The Japan show even used embroidery as a way to make color fashionable. Deep colors are great and make us feel comforted. One way to offer some flair to those deep hues is to wear a piece that has some bright embroidery to it. Metallic shoes also help to throw the look into the pop culture. Silvers and golds, platinums and multiple colors can help to give some fun and flair to any outfit.

At JustFab consumers can find many different shoes and pieces that are metallic. Handbags with embroidered metallic strips and stripes make even the darkest of outfits pop out and catch the eye. Platforms and flats of all colors and sizes are available in metallics, pastels and even the darker colors. Make a one time purchase or join the club for automated charges every month and a new pair of shoes to fill your closet every month.

Another way that color was used at the Japan show was with the models. Wearing bright makeup and accessories topped off the looks. Some even used bright colors for their hair that was the crowning glory of all black and office attire.