Health Dog Food Sales Surging

Healthy dog food has been surging in recent years. This is a rather new area of the market and it has been growing in leaps and bounds. While healthy dog food has been around for decades, it proved to be more of a small, targeted market, but once Purina sank its teeth into the market, it has sense grown into something that few expected. With the rapid growth, it makes investors and the general public believe the company is going to continue to expand and the market itself may push past the revenue of traditional dog food in the coming years.

The pet food industry currently brings in $23.7 billion annually. With pet ownership up over the last several years, it looks as if this is going to push higher as well. When the economy is good, people tend to own more pets as they feel as though they are able to care for more. Beneful is the premium dog food label owned by Purina. Purina had been monitoring the healthy food market for years as smaller companies made up a small corner of the industry but had a very loyal following. These smaller companies did not have the financial capability to advertise on a massive scale, so the premium dog food brands never truly were able to expand as quickly as necessary. Beneful decided to enter the health dog food market in the early 2000s, but with it the company decided to launch a massive marketing campaign. By doing this, the company drew interest in from not only in the United States but around the world as well. Due to this, premium dog food sales have continued to grow and, by 2009, the sector of the industry made up $10.5 billion.

Purinastore’s Beneful plans on expanding the services it provides while making sure it still offers the very best quality products for a more affordable price than what the other companies out there sell premium dog food for.