Quality and Delicious Pet Feeds from Freshpet.Inc

In recent times, the pet care industry has been experiencing remarkable changes and growth. The growing Twitter trend by pet owners to feed their pets with quality, delicious, and healthy pet products has triggered the manufacturing of better pet feeds. Fresh entrants in the pet food industry such as Blue Buffalo Co. and Freshpet Inc. have elicited high competition in the $23.7 billion industry. Consequently, traditional manufacturers of pet food products are making great endeavors to deal with the rising competition.

High-Quality Pet food from Freshpet Inc.

In an interview conducted by Craig Giammona of the Bloomberg News, Michael Hieger, the Freshpet manufacturing chief, said that the food tasted like Thanksgiving. This was immediately after eating a slice of the food produced by the company in a bid to prove the scrumptiousness of the company’s food.

In addition, Richard Thompson, the CEO of Freshpet Inc. asserted that Freshpet’s food portrayed the next stage in feeding pets. The company utilizes eschews preservatives and fresh ingredients in a bid to maintain the quality of the pet food. Further, the company ensures that its food sits on the shelves for a short duration to maintain the delicious flavor. Thompson also proclaimed that Freshpet would make positive returns in 2016.

Freshpet has also been exploring other areas through its refrigerated dog food. Consequently, all its products are packed into refrigerated exhibition cases, which are branded. The display cases are available in an estimated 15000 stores, which include Whole Foods Markets and various Wal-Marts. The original information was posted in the Daily Herald http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/

An Overview on Beneful

Nestle Purina PetCare produces the Beneful dog food brand. The brand was launched in the market back in 2001 and has continued to make a tremendous impact in the pet food industry. In June 2005, the brand launched the Beneful Healthy Harvest line, which became Purina’s first dry food for dogs that featured soy instead of meat as the core protein source.

The Beneful dog food comprises of various ingredients that comprise of vitamin-rich veggies and real meat.