Best stock analyst Paul Mampilly gives his prediction about Apple’s shares

Apple is the probably the biggest electronics firm in the United States especially in the line of mobile phone technology. The only company which comes close is Samsung. As a leading firm in the industry, it is one of the firms which have been doing very well especially in the stock markets. Their share value has been on an upward trend for a very long time as the markets strengthen its hold of the U.S market. The huge share value has been good news for investors looking for investment opportunities. However, there is bad news about the stock which investors need to be aware of. The news were published in an article by Paul Mampilly, one of the most respected stock market analyst and investors in the country.

Paul Mampilly has a record that cannot be matched by many individuals in the financial industry. Apart from making very precise stock market behaviors prediction, he has worked for huge financial institutions. He has even been a hedge fund manager of one of the biggest hedge funds in the United States. Paul Mampilly has a record of retiring from the Wall Street at 40 so that he can pursue his dream of educating people about the stock markets. His intention is to incorporate as many people as possible in this sector by helping them with the correct information regarding stock investments.

Paul Mampilly’s decisions about stock markets are usually followed by many investors. He is an authority. For a long time, he has been giving correct predictions about the markets and his latest prediction about Apple’s stock market is one which will be followed closely.

Despite huge expectations from last year that the share value would go up following $20 billion injection into the marketing of the firm’s products by Warren Buffet, there are still concerns about the stock not performing well as it should. Paul Mampilly predicts that 2018, will witness the decline of the share value after a long time.

For people investing right now in Apple, they are risking. According to Paul Mampilly, Apple’s good days are behind it. Right now the company can only face more problems. It will be hard for it to maintain its market value any longer.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is highly learned about financial markets. He has also spent a huge part of his career working in the industry. He recognizes all the demand of the industry and therefore knows how to make the right predictions about the stocks.

He became popular when he won the Templeton Foundation Awards. He is clearly the best trader of our time.

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