Rick Smith’s Vision For Securus

Securus Technologies recently announced that it had signed a “Stock Purchase Agreement” allowing it to acquire JPay Inc. A leading technology firm, JPay is credited with introducing email, educational apps, entertainment apps, and electronic payments. JPay is currently operational in over 33 state correctional systems.

Rick Smith’s Reaction To The Acquisition

Responding to the historic acquisition, Securus CEO, Rick Smith said that his company was now capable of offering any high tech or software based technology that prison facilities require to run a modern jail. Smith said that his company had acknowledged JPay as a formidable force in the correctional facilities technology products.Ryan Shapiro, the CEO of JPay further commented that his firm’s products delivered value to all concerned parties: family and friends of an inmate, the inmate, and the staff at the prison. He further stated that the aim of this acquisition was to help the development of groundbreaking products that are adopted on a large scale.Shapiro commended his team for relentlessly pursuing the company’s vision that was to come up with products that make correctional facilities safer, efficient, and that helps inmates transition into reformed citizens when they are released. He also pointed out that Securus would not lay off the management team at JPay but that they would be retained. Mr. Smith would continue to manage JPay as a subsidiary of Securus enabling JPay continue running as it does but with the added advantage of Securus’ vast resources and deep relationships. The transaction is expected to close officially towards the end of 2015.

Rick Smith’s Profile

Rick Smith is currently the CEO of Securus and is credited with his long track record in the telecom industry. Smith has spearheaded the technology that is applied in the field and has played a significant role in turning Securus into one of the finest services for making calls to correctional facilities.Rick Smith introduced video calling to Securus to ensure that people are able to see their loved ones when they call them. The firm has been using video cameras installed in prisons to make calls and Rick believes that all who are allowed to see their loved ones in prison have a better visitation experience.Since prisons are not permitted to take calls supported by any phone line, Securus is approaching them every day by forging partnerships. These correctional facilities are convinced to accept calls from the firm to make sure that they serve a large number of inmates and they are currently looking for more people to use their video call services to provide visitations with children, families, and others interested in socializing with the inmates. Rick’s vision for Securus is to see the firm expand to all prisons in America. Rick intends to utilize technology that will make it easier to reach prisons.

Mike Baur is a Mover and Shaker in the Swiss Finance Industry

Mike Baur is the founder and senior manager of Swiss Startup Factory. This businessman is a prolific speaker and has spoken on platforms such as the Investor Panel on the WORLDWEBFORUM. Mike developed an interest in finance and banking while he was a teenager. It was then that he decided to take a course in economics and later majored in business administration at the prominent University of Rochester. Later he did an executive MBA at the University of Bern.


Mike Baur’s role at Swiss Startup Factory


Mike has spent a bigger part of his professional career in Swiss Private Banking. For the last two decades, he has risen above ranks in companies he worked for, including Clariden Leu. Mike commenced his career at UBS as a financial apprentice and worked his way to the top, becoming a board member of the Swiss Private Bank. In 2014, he set out to launch his own business, the Swiss Startup Factory. This company has since grown into the leading privately financed and independent ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. Mike spends an enormous amount of his time in running Swiss youth entrepreneurship programs and mentoring students.


Mike has shared his deep-rooted financial knowledge at the HWZ Startup Event and Fintech Startup Weekend. Mike’s company is committed to providing young professionals and talented business people with a platform that serves as a guide to help them achieve their objectives and forge business ideas. The Swiss Startup Factory provides services, such as invoice & payroll management, bookkeeping, VAT reporting, cash flow reports, and financial health reviews. Mike prides himself of his company’s portfolio that has enabled the launch of four high-tech products, including Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind. Under his management, the Swiss Startup Factory is in charge of a three-month program that offers startups with coaching, mentoring, financing, office space, and access to a large business, and investor network. Through this program, Mike gives participants an opportunity to interact and share ideas.


Mike Baur’s achievements


Mike is responsible for leading the Swiss Startup Factory through the accelerator with Goldbach Group. He also strategically planned for his company’s partnership with Fintech Fusion in 2016. Mike has appeared on various media platforms, such as the Wall Street Journal, as an entrepreneur who has excelled in startup investments. Mike was a jury member at the START Summiteer held at the University of St. Gallen. In 2016, Swiss Startup Factory partnered up with CTI, and he assumed the post of managing director of the merger.



Marc Sparks; a success story

Marc Sparks is the epitome of success. The self-made millionaire has attributed his success to his unwavering faith in God. His fortitude, perseverance and the desire to win have given him the backbone that he needs to be an entrepreneur.

His is a success story that was born out of hard work and determination. With only a high school diploma, Sparks has indeed defied all odds to building a successful business. His forte is business startups. He has created many different startups that have grown to be successful businesses. In addition to being an entrepreneur, he has also been involved with telecommunication services.

Over the course of his career, he has managed to start and own different companies. Some of them however he sold and didn’t possess any ownership, and they include;

« Timber Creek Capital; he has been with the company since 2000.

« Global Tech Solutions; he worked from 2001 to 2005

« Splash Media; since 2004

« Reliant Healthcare; from 2006-2011

« Agency Matrix; from 2007- 2011

« Cobalt real estate services; since 2009

« Blue Jay Wireless; since 2012

« Cardinal Telecom and Boxster; he has been with both companies since 2014

« Bonn Air and Uncle Marc Food Delivery; these are new companies that were founded in 2015

It has been said that to whom much is given, much is expected. This is a quote that Marc identifies too well. He has been involved with different philanthropy work as a way of giving back to the community. He is associated with the Homeless shelter in Texas named the Samaritan Inn.

They provide shelter to more than 160 residents in Texas. Although he provides support, Marc only works with the people who want to be helped. In this shelter, they have different programs like counseling, job placement, financial education, etc. to help people get back on their feet.


He has also found time to write and also publish a book; ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ This is a book that he confessed to being hard to write. This is because of the information he had to share.

When he was starting off his career, he did build an insurance company from ground up. The company obtained great success and soon became multi-billion worth company. He, however, lost this company in ninety day period.

He has said that the key to his success is he is not afraid to lose it all. After all, he has already lost all of it in the past. He also believed that treating people with respect has propelled his success as he values the input of his employees.

It is his faith, passion, commitment, the tenacity that has helped him be where he is today.