SKOUT Reaches Out in Social Networking as well as Online Giving Opportunities to Benefit the World

Are you ready for new and fun, state-of-the-art technology to expand your circle of friends from your iPhone? The possibilities are are endless, and you have the opportunity to reach around the globe from your iPhone.

SKOUT is not an online dating service or employment group; SKOUT is an iOS free app that can be downloaded from the app store and allows you to meet, greet and build relationships with others who are on the app. SKOUT uses the latest technology in social networking that allows you make incredible relationships online.

PR Newswire recently reported that SKOUT is partnering with the San Franciso Food Bank to assist 20,000 people with desperately needed food. SKOUT has a gift selection on the app that allows their users to donate to this worthy cause.

On National Grilled Cheese Tuesday, 2015, SKOUT donated enough funds to provide meals for 10,000 people. SKOUT wants to double that previous donation, and, with the virtual giving of their users, is aiming to feed 20,000 in 2016.

Co-founder and CEO, Christian Wiklund, told PR Newswire that the virtual gifting option included in the app is very popular, and the users trust Mr. Wiklund to make worthwhile contributions to benefit the community. Mr. Wiklund enjoys creating ways to leverage this feature to make substantial differences in the world, and sharing the GoFundMe page is one way SKOUT can be involved in the world view. both financially and socially.

SKOUT is very easy to download and use. You simply enter your email or Facebook to register, and once in, the app will lead you to create a profile. In minutes, you can be chatting with a new friend. The latest in technology has made a tremendous improvement on the old idea of networking. SKOUT uses the smartphone and the ease of texting with pics to allow the user to connect to other users in over 180 countries.

Securus Gives the Prison an Upgrade

Securus Technologies has become one of the best popular companies for people that want to see their loved ones that are behind bars. I heard of the software through a friend, and I immediately visited the website to download the app. 

I have read some stories that stated that the Securus app has been downloaded more than 65,000 times. This is so amazing because it means that this inmate communication software company is growing. Many people are have impressed with the ease of use for this software, and I am one of these people. I have read the Securus has been able to connect more than 800,000 inmates with family and friends on the outside through the video visitation software. I think that this is awesome because it represents the change in virtual technology that correctional institutions need.

The government realizes that it was time for an upgrade, and Securus Technologies was in the right place at the right time. This is a company has grown and transitioned over the years. Securus has been creating a whole lot of software for a long time, but I believe that the app for the video visitation has become the most popular application from this company so far. Many people are able to download this free app and get started with the video visitation right away.

I think that this is the best way for software companies to go. Many people are moving away from their desktops and the traditional inmate phone calls. I don’t even have a computer at home anymore. People can still use the webcam to visit through the desktop if they need to, but the app clearly appears to be the easiest way to visit. I certainly do believe that this application will encourage people to visit family members now.

The app clearly seems to be a winner because there are so many people that are downloading this. It has become a very hot topic of conversation for those that did not know that it existed. Many people that have not been to a prison visitation in a while will be surprised to discover how it is being coordinated now. Prisoners get the opportunity to rent the tablets for the video visitations.