Securus Technologies Helping Officers Hunt for Fugitives

When my team fugitive task force gets the call, we have to be ready to spring into action and drop everything we are working on. This month we got a tip from an informant that a dangerous fugitive was in our city hiding, and if he was not taken into custody he put all residents at risk. This suspect already hurt a dozen people with his knife after robbing them, and it was only a matter of time before he escalated those crimes and killed someone.


The first thing my team does in these type cases is to try and set up a perimeter to contain the fugitive, but this elusive suspect could be hiding just about anywhere. When we got the call a truck driver was robbed at knife-point, we knew he was still in our city. The only common thread here was that the suspect would rob merchandise, so we knew he was selling the items to get cash. My team decided to focus our efforts on the fences who buy those stolen items, and what better place than the local prison to get the inmates to help.


Inmates don’t want to talk to me and my team, but that wasn’t an issue because we knew Securus Technologies was on the job. This inmate call monitoring system was installed in this jail, and the minute an inmate picked up the phone to warn someone of us being there, we could take action. Within one hour, a gang member put out a call to the soldiers on the street to avoid doing a transaction with our fugitive. We sprung into action to try and get to that meeting before the fugitive got wind the deal was off. Luckily he showed up to sell his stash, and we were there to bring him back to the jail.


Bumble BFF Is The Newest Trend

In a world where we are focused on dating and finding love, it’s so easy to get caught up in liking somebody and then have to do it all over again when it doesn’t work out. It’s the same old process week after week for those who use dating apps like Bumble to find love.

However, Bumble app creator, Whitney Wolfe, wants to change the game just a little bit and offer a new opportunity to help people get what they are looking for if they are in need of friends. Whitney Wolfe wanted to help those who genuinely wanted to make real friends stop using Bumble for that and build a new options.

With just a flip of a switch, you can easily access Bumble BFF. It works the same as the original app since this option is a part of the original Bumble app. You sign in with Facebook to help with identity proof. The best part is that once you get started you can get in touch with other friends and have them help you out. When somebody likes your profile, you get notified about it. Using the dating app is very much similar to the swiping for dating but now it’s specifically for friends. It’s cool how easy it is to use this part of the app and gain access to people from your area and surrounding locations.

When moving to a new city, it’s tough sometimes to meet new people and make genuine friends. You can move to any new place and make friends almost instantly. The people who work for the company know all about these struggles, and they’re trying to help women and men get their foot in the door and get their social life moving forward.

Whitney Wolfe is a hardworking individual who is proud of this app and what it can do for so many people. It’s perfect for those as well that want to network with other people their age. It can open up doors and give opportunities to those that need to meet new people and start having more genuine connections than forced dates.

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Madison’s Recent Merger Transaction Deal With DCG Software Value And The Spitfire Group

In 2015 Madison Street Capital reviewed M & A’s hedge fund status. The senior managing director of the firm, Karl D’Cunha, stated that despite the poor performance of particular hedge funds, the overall performance had reached an unprecedented peak. Karl added that the 2016 performance is speculated to surpass that of 2015. He revealed that buyers and sellers had more accommodation in the market due to designing of transactions as seeds or incubators, the introduction of revenue shares, PE stakes and PE bolt-ons.


Most recently, Madison Street Capital oversaw a merger between The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value. The firm consolidated the deal by providing financial advisory to DCG Software Value. DCG Software deals with the provision of software approximation services, software value control and processes of the point analysis. The firm teamed up with The Spitfire Group to maximize their opportunities of widening their client base by combining their resources and knowledge. Spitfire is a technology consultancy firm headquartered in Denver with an inclination in business.


The chief executive officer of Madison, Charles Botchway, announced the final results of the contract which was under the direction of the firm’s staff, Jay Rodgers. He stated that working with the two exceptional IT commerce companies was an honor for him and his team. He acknowledged the expert inputs of DCG Software, chief executive officer Mike Harris and Spitfire’s executive director, Mark Richtermeyer. Harris commended Jay Rodgers and his team for their detailed analysis skills and smooth operation of the transaction. He revealed that his team is enthusiastic to break new grounds with the newly formed partnership to increase the businesses’ productivity.


Madison Street Capital is a globally operating investment banking corporation dealing with business valuations, corporate advisories, analysis of financial operations such as purchase price allocations, asset management, wealth protection and taxation. They have decades of service in the finance industry and have acquired honed skills in transacting favorable deals. The firm personalizes their clients’ business requirements and takes the necessary steps to ensure that the end goal is in reach upon maturation of the transaction. They have a specialty in mergers, M & A transactions, capitalization funding and financial advisory during mergers. Currently, the have a plan to help emerging fairs compete on an international level and commit assets on those particular customers. The Madison Street Capital reputation is in high regard by trust clients around the world in all their offices in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. The firm employs integrity in every business deal under the leadership of its chief executive officer Charles to deliver consistently excellent results.


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Securus Technologies Is Having Positive Impacts on Both Communities and People

If you have not yet heard about the communications platform of Securus Technologies, it’s recommended for you to visit the website so that you can read through the many details that are available on it. There are several reasons why law enforcement agencies are taking necessary steps towards assuring the communicative program is being installed into the communications systems of as many correctional facilities as they are able to essentially convince at this point in time.


Securus Technologies is a video conferencing communications platform that is making making many communities safer by allowing law enforcement officials to monitor the video chat sessions that are conducted between inmates and their relative(s), significant others, co-worker(s), or anyone else who they may have “visiting” them through it. It’s a program that’s offering a tremendous amount of convenience in one very significant way. It’s allowing visitors to have the program installed onto compatible devices in which they can use them to communicate with inmates who are currently confined in select correctional facilities from the comfort of their very own living room, if thas their preference of location.


Securus Technologies isn’t a program that has necessarily broken the surface of communications in a way that it has become known as being the only way to communicate efficiently, effectively, and conveniently on a nationwide level just yet; however, with your help in the form of making recommendations to as many correctional facilities as possible, you may be able to one day say that you had a key role in beginning the “movement” of having it installed into many more correctional facilities in which it may one day become one of the most commonly utilized forms of communications among not only inmates and their visitors, but ordinary citizens in our communities as well. That is the amount of potential this program has.


Doug Levitt Follow The Road By Greyhound Bus To Talk To Average Americans

Doug Levitt is a multi-talented person that has discovered the diversity and the stories of the struggling Americans that travel by Greyhound Bus across the country. He talks to people along the journey and has conversations about the economy, public opinion of politics, healthcare, and the work force for example. He covers a wide range of topics to get a broad overview of what everyday poor Americas think about life and the state of the country as a whole. He takes pictures along the way to capture the journey as well as writing songs along the way. He created the Greyhound Diaries to record those conversations and journey through the country.

Doug Levitt was a foreign correspondent journalist early on in his professional career. Upon a change in his career, he came up with the idea to create a journal of his travels across the country. It turned into a full-time passion. He continues to travel across the country and discuss important issues with the average person traveling by Greyhound bus. He continues to record albums that have been extremely successful. He writes American-folk style solo music. He brings his guitar with him on his travels so that he can work on his songs as he is inspired along the way.

Doug Levitt has made appearances on a variety of news programs and has been featured in many national publications. He is sought for his opinions on the pressing issues of the country as seen through the eyes of the impoverished American. Based on his travels and speaking with so many people along the way, he was able to accurately predict the election of Donald Trump. The election was swayed by the number of lower class citizens that were tired of being overlooked and looked to Trump to have their voices heard and make life easier for the overlooked majority.

Starting Your Own Business

Do you have a passion to start your own business and take your life to the next level? If you do, Traveling Vineyard is a great thing for you to work on. This is a company that allows you to own your own business under their brand. Over the years, the company has invested in the lives of their business owners, and they have had a lot of success in doing so.

A lot of people desire to own their own business but they do not have the capital to invest over the long term. This is the perfect situation to look to a small company opportunity like Traveling Vineyard in order to have success. Over the long term, this will allow you to make money and add value to others.

Traveling Vineyard

From the time the company was started, a lot of people have enjoyed selling the product and service that is being offered. Not only that, but Traveling Vineyard is a company that is looking forward to investing in others in the future. If you want to have success selling, you have to get out and meet people. This is the best way to have continued success over the years. Many people have proven that this business model can work, but you have to be willing to work on it like it is your own business. Traveling Vineyard is a great example of what you can accomplish over the long term.

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Final Thoughts

Traveling Vineyard is a company that is growing rapidly because more people than ever are signing up. If you are ready to take your life to a new level through your finances, this is a great way to do so. You can have success at a high level if you are willing to sell wines with passion.

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Moving Forward And Building Reputation

One of the most important steps after finding all of the methods that one is interested in is the follow through when it comes to online reputation management. One has to take the time to consistently release new content that is providing updates to their sites and other platforms. This will help people get their search result in rotation. When companies are regularly getting updates to their profiles, then this provides more opportunities for them to present good images about the company. Also, people will become more curious about a site that always has something new going on. When it is constantly involved in something positive, this is going to attract more customers.

Also, it is important to engage the community in many different ways than just giving them products. One thing that could be considered is that when someone has known a friend for a while, then he will be less willing to accept negative talk about the friend, especially if the negative talk is outside the character of the friend. This is why it is important to continuously present the good aspects of oneself to the customers. When people know all of the good things about someone, then they are less likely to believe any of the bad news that comes out.

This does not mean that the bad news is not going to be of any consequence. For one thing, companies have to make sure that they are doing the best they can to satisfy customers. For one thing, if enough bad news comes out, then people will start walking away from the company. This is why a lot of attention needs to be paid to online reputation management. People that take the time to manage their online reputation will find it a lot easier to weather all of the attacks that are thrown towards it.

The Duda Melzer Years, the Timeline of an Entrepreneur

January 2, 2016, saw Eduardo Duda Melzer become the president and chairman of the RBS group, succeeding Nelson Sirotsky who was his uncle and the chairman of the group. Born 13 May 1972, the entrepreneur, who is a household name in Brazil, is the third generation and grandson of Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, the founder of the RBS Group, reveals Clicrbs Brazil. The latter is a Brazilian media conglomerate that deals in journalistic entertainment and service content via television, radio, internet portals, and newspapers. Duda Melzer is the founder and chairman of Digital e Bricks as well as e Bricks Ventures, which is an investment outfit that with interest in the digital sector and operations in the United States and Brazil.


Melzer started his extensive career in Brazil, working in the financial market as well as a franchise at Sweet Sweet Way. He also participated in the Booz Allen &Hamilton projects. In North America, he was a Senior Financial Analyst at Delphi Corporation in 2002 and Director –General of BoxTop Media, a non-traditional media. The same year, he became the Family Communication Network which is also in the USA. The entrepreneur is a Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Business Administration graduate, Harvard MBA graduate. He also studied Effective Strategies for Media Companies as well as Building and Leading Customer Centric Organizations at the Harvard Business School.

Personal Life

Duda Melzer is married and is a father of three children. He has a passion for sports and has participated in some modalities among them racing.

In a report by Acaert, last year, Melzer earned another feather in his cap when he was selected to come up with the list of names of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. Every year, the selection looks for 25 members of the current generations of entrepreneurial families drawn from all over the world and who they consider examples in the society.

Hussain Sajwani: Entrepreneurial Success in Both Catering and Real Estate Industries

The very first sector that Hussain dipped his feet in was the hospitality industry when he started a catering business in 1982. The business was doing tremendously well in the 1980s, selling food and providing accommodation services to visitors who used to visit Abu Dhabi either for vacation or business reasons. Companies working in the energy industry in Abu Dhabi provided an even larger client base for Hussain’s company.

Fast forward to the early 1990s during Operation Desert Storm in Iraq, Hussain offered catering services to the American soldiers who took part in the operation. It is during this time that he made international connections that earned his company the privilege of serving the American troops during missions in Bosnia, Somalia, and the Gulf. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Despite all these achievements, Hussain felt that the business was not fetching as much as he would have wished and that led to his eventual venture into the real estate sector in 2002.

DAMAC Properties

Demand for homes in Dubai shot in 2002 after foreigners were permitted to own property in the Emirate. Being a good market predictor, Hussain Sajwani saw a lucrative business opening and seized it. He instituted DAMAC Properties and invested heavily in buying and developing real estates in and around Dubai.

Over the years, Hussain has used his brilliance to propel the company into the Middle East market and later to Europe. DAMAC has developed and sold homes in their tens of thousands in prime cities like Beirut, Riyadh, and London.

In 2013, Hussain led DAMAC Properties into a partnership deal with the then American billionaire businessman, Donald Trump, to develop a couple of modern golf courses in Dubai. When Donald later won the American presidency, he invited Hussain to join him in celebrating the win.


Hussain Sajwani and Damac Properties are committed to offering a helping hand to the unfortunate people in the society. In 2013, Hussain made a donation to the tune of two million AED to the Ramadhan Initiative, a nonprofit movement spearheaded by the Dubai ruler, his Highness Mohammed bin Rashid.

Hussain’s contribution was channeled towards providing children from poor backgrounds with necessities such as clothes. The movement’s ultimate goal is to reach out to a million of deprived children from all over the world.

Learn From The Expert Journals Of The Wessex Institute

The Wessex institute has been publishing the latest scientific information through the WIT Press. The WIT Press is known for releasing thousands of scientific articles as well as their annual journal releases.The International Journal of Transport Development and Integration is a very important journal for this year. The growing population is leaving the transportation situation in many countries in dire need of a rehaul. The journal will have contributions by experts on how the world should solve this issue.

The International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements is a really riveting journal. Many of our modern issues can be sovled with smartly implemented software. Issues like IT security, natural disasters and homeland security will be discussed.The Wessex Institute publishes some very important articles about climate change within the International Journal of Environmental Impacts. Environmental and climate change has real-world impacts. we need to consider how environmental damage will affect economics and our standard of living.You can also visit their official website: Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia

The International Journal of Heritage Architecture addresses the negligence of historical artictectual brilliance worldwide. The contant change of urban areas is leaving historical buildings to be neglected. The journal brings up solutions to restore, repair and possibly repurpase some of the world’s greatest wonders.