Eric Lefkofsky, a Multitalented Professional

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and the CEO of Tempus, a Big Data analytics. Tempus is aimed at being the largest cancer care data library in the world. It has taken several steps to achieve its goal through partnering with a New York-based artificial intelligence startup, Precision Health AI. Tempus has also attained access to CancerLinQ, an American Society of Clinical Oncology cancer doctors’ top organization with about 600,000 treatment results database.

With a team of 300 physicians in Tempus, Lefkofsky has been able to offer more personalized treatment to cancer patients. Each patient’s DNA and RNA molecular data is analyzed and this way, this kind of treatment is able to be administered rather than a general treatment. Drug companies also benefits from this mode of treatment as they are able to produce specific drugs for patients with similar characteristics.

As a database organization, CancerLinQ is faced with a major challenge from the records they receive. This is because the data is not always consistent and the organization has not set a standard format of how it should be presented to them. Therefore, the organization always has to go through it and organize it to make it useful.

The 10-year partnership with CancerLinQ was an effort for Tempus to beat its competitors and has focused on molecular data sets. Tempus analyses both clinical and molecular data through a platform they have built to enable them take as large data as they can.

A team from the University of Chicago is compiling a cancer treatment database with records of over 10,000 patients which they have made open to researchers.

Apart from the cancer technology company, Lefkofsky is an investor in different markets. He has been a CEO and a chairman at Groupon Company and he cofounded Uptake LLC.

As a philanthropist, Eric has founded a family foundation together with his wife. Through the foundation, they have supported education, children, arts and culture, human rights as well as other charitable organizations.

Lefkofsky is the author of Accelerated Disruption and a University of Chicago assistant professor. He also has community interests and sits on different committee boards.