Madison’s Recent Merger Transaction Deal With DCG Software Value And The Spitfire Group

In 2015 Madison Street Capital reviewed M & A’s hedge fund status. The senior managing director of the firm, Karl D’Cunha, stated that despite the poor performance of particular hedge funds, the overall performance had reached an unprecedented peak. Karl added that the 2016 performance is speculated to surpass that of 2015. He revealed that buyers and sellers had more accommodation in the market due to designing of transactions as seeds or incubators, the introduction of revenue shares, PE stakes and PE bolt-ons.


Most recently, Madison Street Capital oversaw a merger between The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value. The firm consolidated the deal by providing financial advisory to DCG Software Value. DCG Software deals with the provision of software approximation services, software value control and processes of the point analysis. The firm teamed up with The Spitfire Group to maximize their opportunities of widening their client base by combining their resources and knowledge. Spitfire is a technology consultancy firm headquartered in Denver with an inclination in business.


The chief executive officer of Madison, Charles Botchway, announced the final results of the contract which was under the direction of the firm’s staff, Jay Rodgers. He stated that working with the two exceptional IT commerce companies was an honor for him and his team. He acknowledged the expert inputs of DCG Software, chief executive officer Mike Harris and Spitfire’s executive director, Mark Richtermeyer. Harris commended Jay Rodgers and his team for their detailed analysis skills and smooth operation of the transaction. He revealed that his team is enthusiastic to break new grounds with the newly formed partnership to increase the businesses’ productivity.


Madison Street Capital is a globally operating investment banking corporation dealing with business valuations, corporate advisories, analysis of financial operations such as purchase price allocations, asset management, wealth protection and taxation. They have decades of service in the finance industry and have acquired honed skills in transacting favorable deals. The firm personalizes their clients’ business requirements and takes the necessary steps to ensure that the end goal is in reach upon maturation of the transaction. They have a specialty in mergers, M & A transactions, capitalization funding and financial advisory during mergers. Currently, the have a plan to help emerging fairs compete on an international level and commit assets on those particular customers. The Madison Street Capital reputation is in high regard by trust clients around the world in all their offices in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. The firm employs integrity in every business deal under the leadership of its chief executive officer Charles to deliver consistently excellent results.


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