Despite rough year in 2016, Cotemar is excited for the future

Due to a general downturn in the world oil markets and continuing challenges for Pemex, Cotemar, Mexico’s premier oil services firm, had a difficult year in 2016. Among the problems it faced were multiple contractual cancellations by its sole client, Pemex. This eventually forced Cotemar to make unprecedented cuts to its workforce of over 2,300 employees.


Despite all this negative news, Cotemar anticipates things will be much more productive in 2017. This is primarily due to many of the new laws promulgated in 2013 taking effect, leading to what are anticipated to be unprecedented levels of foreign investment in Mexico’s oil sector.



Bad times in Campeche


Campeche is a Gulf state at the base of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Since the 70s, this state, with its stunning natural beauty, has been almost entirely reliant on Mexico’s oil industry. For decades, the industry thrived and no one worried about what a real downturn might bring. But starting in 2004, Mexico’s oil output sharply diminished, and people in Campeche began to feel the squeeze.


With an estimated 80% of the state’s economy dependent on revenues from oil extraction, when Mexico’s oil industry has downturns, the people of Campeche are often left with difficult decisions. Some families have been forced to keep their children home from school. Others have even turned to the alluring call of the illicit drug trade, able to make in one week what they may only be able to make in a year at what jobs are left, aside from those in the oil industry.


The downturn since 2004 has been particularly brutal. With oil output falling every year, by 2010 Mexico’s total oil production was a mere fraction of what it had been just 6 years earlier. This, by itself, led to extreme hardships for many Campeche families who relied on the oil industry for their livelihoods. To make matters worse, starting around 2010, the North American shale and tar sands deposits, which oil companies in that region had spent billions of dollars and decades researching how best to exploit, started coming online. These new sources of oil would go on to flood international markets, creating an historic glut of oil and driving prices to the lowest they have ever been, in terms of real dollars.


Eventually, President Nieto signed into law sweeping legislation that will open Mexico’s oil markets to levels of foreign investment never before seen. Cotemar fully expects this new era of privatization will bring about an oil boom that will dwarf the last.

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Filosofía Cotemar



Securus Technologies Brings Communication Via Video Conferencing To Your Home

There are a myriad of different reasons why an individual may want to consider utilizing the program that has been designed and is offered by Securus Technologies. Firstly, it is essential to know that there are many inmates in correctional facilities who are unable to contact their relatives or friends due to being restricted in what they are able to do. What can put an even further delay in being able to communicate with their friends and or family is not being able to set up a visitation appointment in which the visitor(s) are able to make it to the jail. Oftentimes, jails are so busy that they are unable to provide an appointment at a time that would be considered convenient for the visitor(s). As a result the visitor(s) are unable to visit and the inmate is left by himself/herself without anyone to communicate with in the outside world.


Securus technologies enable people to connect with one another via video conferencing from a prison environment to a home. This is very beneficial to families who have been looking forward to seeing their loved one, but have been unable to do so due to scheduling conflicts between their own work schedules and the ones that the jail had provided for them for visitation. Securus Technologies enables them to communicate at times that are most convenient for them, considering the correctional facilities allow it. If you are unsure of whether the Securus Technologies video conferencing program is allowed at the correctional facilities your friend or family member is jailed in, then please visit the website to get a view of a list of centers that allow its utilization. You will also find the price rates that are available for communicating with the program. It is truly a wonderfully designed program.


Changing the Face Of the American Political Scene Seems To Be An Aim For George Soros

George Soros is a highly seasoned member in the world of politics. Hailing from Hungary, George faced various struggles under the Nazi Regime in his youth and made it his mission to go on and make a difference in the world by involving himself with the political aspects of society. Soros made his fortune by partaking in some risky currency trades while he was still in Hungary.

George Soros has been an active supporter of the Democratic Party since the election of President Bush in 2004. During that time, he invested more than $27 million into the Democratic party and all the organizations the party supports. Having spent a considerable amount of money in 2004, George and the Democratic Party experienced a huge setback when Bush was sworn into office. Soros has vowed never again to contribute that significant amount of money to a party ever again but however decided to do so in the recent presidential elections on owing to his fear of the opposition Donald Trump and his tremendous faith in the Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton.

George Soros stands by the values of the Democratic party. In his opinion, America will experience a huge downfall if placed in the hands of the wrong people. His re-entry into the world of politics was mainly due to a genuine concern for the nation. Unhappy with the election decision on, Soros is now leading a movement against Donald Trump, lobbying for his impeachment. He believes that with the laws that President Trump wishes to put in place, it is likely that America will turn into an extremely hostile nation with its citizens revolting against the system of governance.

After the passing of the laws banning immigrants and refugees, George Soros decided to invest large sums of money into small businesses of people who are currently seeking refuge in America and who are facing discrimination owing to the new laws in place. Soros believes that now, with the new system in place, the economic and political scene in America is soon going to experience a crisis unless changes are made. The main aim of this action on BusinessInsider was to encourage other investors to follow his lead and extend a helping hand to families who are losing their livelihood, solely because of the new law.

George Soros is known for his philanthropic efforts. He is actively involved in helping institutions and strives to help those who are fighting for fair justice. Just last year, Soros donated a huge sum of money to an organization that was fighting a court case for the termination of Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The court trial was in response to allegations of Joe Arpaio being involved in numerous offenses dealing with immigration laws, criminal law enforcement and misuse of power. Soros efforts in helping the organization proved fruitful when the court ruled for Arpaio to step down from the position of Maricopa County Sheriff. With Soros’ efforts, the new Maricopa County Sheriff was appointed. The position was handed over to Paul Penzone, a member of the Democratic Party.

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Sam Boraie Helps Build The Family Business

Sam Boraie is the heir-apparent to the throne of Boraie Development, and according to, he is taking over many major parts of the business from his father. He has worked his way to the top of the company where he is now the vice president, and he is doing much of what his father once did. Sam Boraie is helping the business expand, and he is creating a business that will last long after he has retired. This article explains how the firm has created developments in the state of New Jersey that are better for the state’s economy.

#1: Sam Manages Property

Sam has taken over the responsibilities of ensuring the real estate the company owns is managed properly. He has many places where rent is collected, and they are managing other buildings that are on land owned by a city or county. The company prefers to development in as many places as possible, and Sam is watching over each building as part of his job.

#2: Developing Around The State

Sam is working as his father once did to convince cities to hand over land or buildings that may be used for development. The cities have no idea how they will develop, but they may work with Boraie Development to complete the work themselves, suggests NJ Biz. Sam and his staff will create a better development plan for each property, and they will manage the buildings after they are done.

#3: Where Does The Company Work?

There are quite a few people who are looking for new developments in Atlantic City, Newark and New Brunswick. The company has done work with the cities where it builds, and it has worked on private land where needed. Sam Boraie has ensured the company remains diverse as they move about the state searching for projects.

The Boraie Development family has been quite successful as a development firm in the state of New Jersey serving the public with a number of development choices. There are those who are in need of a better place to live, and they will find it when they enter a new Boraie building.

Jeffry Schneider: A Revolutionary And Visionary In Alternate Investment

The founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider is known for his revolutionary moves in alternate investments. He made sure that the firm stands on top of the still-not so popular industry and attracting more investors year after year. Ascendant Capital is a boutique type of alternate investment firm, based in Austin, Texas that has the focus on providing income-producing private equity. The firm proved the mettle over the years under Jeffry Schneider. The firm has achieved $1 billion funds overall by March 2016, though it was founded in 2009. It also has grown to 40 employees during the period and created six divisions and opened satellite offices in all the major American cities.



It can be found that it is Jeffry’s strategy helped the firm to grow such big. As a man who has more than 15 years of experience in investments and alternate investments, he knows aggressive strategy can only help in tasting the success. He defined the concept of alternate investments in three verticals and that are Private Equity, Real Estate, and Hedge Funds. His top most priority of protecting interests of the investor has made him dear to them. It is reported that most his new investors are approaching the firm by the reference of existing investors and this proves that his investors have full trust upon him as he also ensures transparency and excellent service to them.



He believes that careful analysis of the market will yield excellent results, even if the market is in turmoil. This is the reason he could effectively utilize the hidden opportunities in the market. His direction to Ascendant Capital colleagues is just simple but to be committed to delivering a substantial result. He is also working to increase the awareness of the alternate investment options and how desirable it is comparing with pure market-based investment options. His involvement in Ascendant strategy has helped the firm to come up with customized investment products that suit to investor requirements.



Before founding Ascendant Capital, Jeffry has worked with Axiom Capital Management, Alternate Investment, and Paradigm Global Advisors. His career includes working with Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Alex Brown as well. He completed his graduation from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst before starting his career in financial services. He is an active supporter of various philanthropic efforts. Jeffry is a volunteer of Gazelle Foundation, an NGO foundation that works towards the clean water in Burundi, Africa, and Wonders & Worries, an organization that works towards uninterrupted education for children though parents are unfit to ensure the education.



Jeffry is a big fan of fitness and lives a healthy lifestyle. He participated in many sporting events like marathons, half ironman, ironman, etc. He is a great traveler and visited most of the continents including Asia, Europe, South America and more.