Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. updated their website – ensure access to property reports online

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) revamps their website that enables users to order property reports online.

In recent years, title defects have become the major issue in the real estate market. As of the NTC executives, property records play a major role to ensure a clear title conveyance. It also reduces the risk of any inability to foreclose or buyback. NTC, a research and document-processing provider, has redesigned their website to make the process simple and easy to access through online.

Title defects usually occur when one claims a property which is already in someone’s possession. The other factors that would make the title invalid are –

– Simple wording problem that doesn’t comply with the local real estate standards
– Failed to submit necessary signature of an owner that requires completing the transaction
– Former encumbrances and liens have not been cleared ( To market any title, it should be free from any encumbrances)
– Failed to follow filing and recording procedures at the time of recording real estate documents

NTC CEO John Hillman stated that it’s crucial to know about the title defects before the property is sold or transferred. To help the mortgage industry, NTC has included the following features to their newly updated website –

– Assignment Verification Report Service
– Current Owner Report Service
– Tax Status Report Service

Hillman also told that the process they introduce is fast, simple and the step-by-step process secures property reports. He also stated that they developed the reports based on actual land records and all residential property of the nation can be accessible.

NTC has collected the required data from various resources and of which most important resources were counties. After collecting data, NTC has automated them followed by human verification. NTC officials claim that their process delivers accurate results as per ordered report. The company has a clear understanding of the need for the end users and thus customized each report according to their need.

Established in 1991, NTC is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. It is a privately owned company dedicated providing support for the residential mortgage industry. The company works for servicers and investors and some of the best mortgage lenders. NTC has been a leader in the industry which ensures the highest accuracy in research and quality document processing services. They have set a new standard in the industry and at the same time securing the homeowners, mortgage, and banking industry. They also preserve the land records of the counties. The experts in NTC are also capable of tracking and fulfilling all counties documents that are around 3,600 in total. The other main services that NTC offers are final document tracking, land records research, document retrieval, assignment services and few others customized business solutions.

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