Securus creates a visitation for in-mates that makes them feel right at home.

One of the worst feelings for children is being without a parent, or family member during the holiday’s. Especially when they are an inmate at a facility that isn’t as close in distance as we would like. A-lot of facilities are also limiting the ages of children able to attend visitation. Securus Technologies has changed this hurtle for families all over the world. They now offer a service called “At-Home Visitation“. This allows inmates to video chat with you straight from the comfort of your home. Most importantly at an affordable price. There is nothing like waking up Christmas morning, and still being able to share that experience with the person you love. After all, that is what family is about.


Most of us now a days have laptops or desktops that allow us access to the internet. Well, Securus has used this technology to allow us to see our “inmates” right from your computer screen. Thanks to Securus Technologies they have brought your loved one back home to you the best way they know how! There are many perks to the new video visitation system. One of the bigger issues that facilities have seen a positive change in has been, Contraband. “Contraband are goods that have been either imported, or exported illegally into the facility“. In person visitation has made this easier for inmates. Another perk is cutting back on long wait times. Sometimes loved ones are waiting hours to be able to spend twenty minutes speaking, and seeing their inmates. This is no longer as big of an issue with “At-Home Visitation”. You never have to leave your home to visit an inmate.


What are you waiting for? Go to Securus Technologies web page, and see if your local facility is established with Securus Technologies today!




Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.