Quality and Delicious Pet Feeds from Freshpet.Inc

In recent times, the pet care industry has been experiencing remarkable changes and growth. The growing Twitter trend by pet owners to feed their pets with quality, delicious, and healthy pet products has triggered the manufacturing of better pet feeds. Fresh entrants in the pet food industry such as Blue Buffalo Co. and Freshpet Inc. have elicited high competition in the $23.7 billion industry. Consequently, traditional manufacturers of pet food products are making great endeavors to deal with the rising competition.

High-Quality Pet food from Freshpet Inc.

In an interview conducted by Craig Giammona of the Bloomberg News, Michael Hieger, the Freshpet manufacturing chief, said that the food tasted like Thanksgiving. This was immediately after eating a slice of the food produced by the company in a bid to prove the scrumptiousness of the company’s food.

In addition, Richard Thompson, the CEO of Freshpet Inc. asserted that Freshpet’s food portrayed the next stage in feeding pets. The company utilizes eschews preservatives and fresh ingredients in a bid to maintain the quality of the pet food. Further, the company ensures that its food sits on the shelves for a short duration to maintain the delicious flavor. Thompson also proclaimed that Freshpet would make positive returns in 2016.

Freshpet has also been exploring other areas through its refrigerated dog food. Consequently, all its products are packed into refrigerated exhibition cases, which are branded. The display cases are available in an estimated 15000 stores, which include Whole Foods Markets and various Wal-Marts. The original information was posted in the Daily Herald http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/

An Overview on Beneful

Nestle Purina PetCare produces the Beneful dog food brand. The brand was launched in the market back in 2001 and has continued to make a tremendous impact in the pet food industry. In June 2005, the brand launched the Beneful Healthy Harvest line, which became Purina’s first dry food for dogs that featured soy instead of meat as the core protein source.

The Beneful dog food comprises of various ingredients that comprise of vitamin-rich veggies and real meat.



SKOUT Reaches Out in Social Networking as well as Online Giving Opportunities to Benefit the World

Are you ready for new and fun, state-of-the-art technology to expand your circle of friends from your iPhone? The possibilities are are endless, and you have the opportunity to reach around the globe from your iPhone.

SKOUT is not an online dating service or employment group; SKOUT is an iOS free app that can be downloaded from the app store and allows you to meet, greet and build relationships with others who are on the app. SKOUT uses the latest technology in social networking that allows you make incredible relationships online.

PR Newswire recently reported that SKOUT is partnering with the San Franciso Food Bank to assist 20,000 people with desperately needed food. SKOUT has a gift selection on the app that allows their users to donate to this worthy cause.

On National Grilled Cheese Tuesday, 2015, SKOUT donated enough funds to provide meals for 10,000 people. SKOUT wants to double that previous donation, and, with the virtual giving of their users, is aiming to feed 20,000 in 2016.

Co-founder and CEO, Christian Wiklund, told PR Newswire that the virtual gifting option included in the app is very popular, and the users trust Mr. Wiklund to make worthwhile contributions to benefit the community. Mr. Wiklund enjoys creating ways to leverage this feature to make substantial differences in the world, and sharing the GoFundMe page is one way SKOUT can be involved in the world view. both financially and socially.

SKOUT is very easy to download and use. You simply enter your email or Facebook to register, and once in, the app will lead you to create a profile. In minutes, you can be chatting with a new friend. The latest in technology has made a tremendous improvement on the old idea of networking. SKOUT uses the smartphone and the ease of texting with pics to allow the user to connect to other users in over 180 countries.

FreedomPop MVNO Sets Ambitious Goals After Getting New VC Funding

FreedomPop, the MVNO is engaged in an aggressive expansion plan fueled by a new round of venture capital funding. Operating as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), the company buys bulk voice and data capacity from its network partners (mainly Spirit and T-Mobile along with almost 200 others internationally) at wholesale rates and passes the saving through to its own customers. In fact, the company offers a free plan that includes 500 voice minutes, 200 texts and 200 megabytes of data.

The free business model is supported by selling additional services like international calling plans, second numbers, additional data plans, etc.

While margins are razor thin, the company keeps its overhead low. As an example, there is almost no advertising or marketing cost because the company relies on word of mouth advertising to bring in new customers as opposed to the high customer acquisition cost experienced by traditional providers. Also, by not having the expensive infrastructure (cell towers, backroom equipment, brick and mortar stores) reduces the company’s expense considerably.

In an interview with the trade magazine RCRWireless, Stephen Stokols, CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop explained the business model and talked about future expansion plans. One of the areas that Stokols planned to expand is in the areas of partnerships with traditional providers, including some of which had sought to purchase FreedomPop in the past. US expansion in the order of doubling or even tripling their number of subscribers is high on the priority list. Stokols said continued international growth into four or five additional markets was also a major goal for the next year.

The full interview can be seen at http://www.rcrwireless.com/20160309/carriers/freedompop-rides-vc-funds-towards-expansion-tag2

Color Takes Japan By Storm


Fashion is sometimes dull and drab with no reasonable explasnation for its outrageous styles. London and New York typically recycle old styles and bring them back to life with some feathers, fluff, or platform shoes. This same old same old is not the way they do fashion in Japan.

This year’s fashion show in Japan may recycle a lot of styles we have seen in the past but they do it with flair and color. Color pops out from even the dullest and drabbest clothing to make everything look new and fresh. Whether it is a stole, wrap, shoes, or even a fashionable new pastel bag, color ruled the catwalk in Japan.

Color is an important part of keeping things fresh. JustFab understands this concept and integrates more colors in more shades in their shoes and accessories. Finding something that will give a facelift to that same old office wear will not be difficult at JustFab. They are on Wikipedia.

The Japan fashion week offered a lot of new looks and new ways to use color in your wardrobe. One such way is to mix a number of deeper shades and hues. Sticking to one color is great, but why not try different shades of that color to really make your look pop? Throwing in a shade that is one or two hues lighter will help offer eyecatching apparel.

The Japan show even used embroidery as a way to make color fashionable. Deep colors are great and make us feel comforted. One way to offer some flair to those deep hues is to wear a piece that has some bright embroidery to it. Metallic shoes also help to throw the look into the pop culture. Silvers and golds, platinums and multiple colors can help to give some fun and flair to any outfit.

At JustFab consumers can find many different shoes and pieces that are metallic. Handbags with embroidered metallic strips and stripes make even the darkest of outfits pop out and catch the eye. Platforms and flats of all colors and sizes are available in metallics, pastels and even the darker colors. Make a one time purchase or join the club for automated charges every month and a new pair of shoes to fill your closet every month.

Another way that color was used at the Japan show was with the models. Wearing bright makeup and accessories topped off the looks. Some even used bright colors for their hair that was the crowning glory of all black and office attire.

Health Dog Food Sales Surging

Healthy dog food has been surging in recent years. This is a rather new area of the market and it has been growing in leaps and bounds. While healthy dog food has been around for decades, it proved to be more of a small, targeted market, but once Purina sank its teeth into the market, it has sense grown into something that few expected. With the rapid growth, it makes investors and the general public believe the company is going to continue to expand and the market itself may push past the revenue of traditional dog food in the coming years.

The pet food industry currently brings in $23.7 billion annually. With pet ownership up over the last several years, it looks as if this is going to push higher as well. When the economy is good, people tend to own more pets as they feel as though they are able to care for more. Beneful is the premium dog food label owned by Purina. Purina had been monitoring the healthy food market for years as smaller companies made up a small corner of the industry but had a very loyal following. These smaller companies did not have the financial capability to advertise on a massive scale, so the premium dog food brands never truly were able to expand as quickly as necessary. Beneful decided to enter the health dog food market in the early 2000s, but with it the company decided to launch a massive marketing campaign. By doing this, the company drew interest in from not only in the United States but around the world as well. Due to this, premium dog food sales have continued to grow and, by 2009, the sector of the industry made up $10.5 billion.

Purinastore’s Beneful plans on expanding the services it provides while making sure it still offers the very best quality products for a more affordable price than what the other companies out there sell premium dog food for.


QNET’s Initiatives Help Female Entrepreneurs Prosper

QNET is gaining wide recognition for its proactive take on developing women entrepreneurs. The Asian direct selling company was recently featured in an article by Gulf News 24/7 for its commendable efforts in bringing business opportunities to women who are learning to harness their natural abilities and talents to become truly empowered business leaders in their field. This recognition of QNET’s unique opportunities for women comes just in time for International Women’s Day.

You may recognize QNET for the nutrition, weight management, personal care, home goods and clothing accessories it offers via its direct selling program. It is the main subsidiary of the QI parent group of companies and has grown to an international market, although its presence is most frequently recognized in Asia. QNET operates on a multi-level marketing model, which allows its product representatives to sell directly to customers and earn compensation based on their sales and ability to recruit new product representatives. It officially was recognized on the Philippine Stock Exchange in 1998.

In the years since QNET was founded, it has gained an impressive number of celebrity endorsements, most recently including Martina Hingis, recognized as the former world’s number one tennis player. She now serves as a brand ambassador for QNET in India. In addition to gaining wide recognition as a successful direct selling company, QNET has been awarded for its commitment to corporate social responsibility. For five consecutive years, QNET was the recipient of the Caring Company recognition by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

While QNET is involved in a variety of initiatives that advance corporate social responsibility, it also sees itself as a vehicle to allow individuals to achieve their highest potentials and maximize their quality of life. The business opportunities QNET offers to individuals willing to make an investment in improving their quality of life by embracing an entrepreneurial spirit.

5 Amazing Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle: http://goo.gl/QbsUil#QNET #AbsoluteLiving

Posted by QNET (Official) on Friday, March 4, 2016

Learn more about QNET by following them on Twitter or learn more about their efforts in India here >> http://www.qnetindia.com/

Securus Gives the Prison an Upgrade

Securus Technologies has become one of the best popular companies for people that want to see their loved ones that are behind bars. I heard of the software through a friend, and I immediately visited the website to download the app. 

I have read some stories that stated that the Securus app has been downloaded more than 65,000 times. This is so amazing because it means that this inmate communication software company is growing. Many people are have impressed with the ease of use for this software, and I am one of these people. I have read the Securus has been able to connect more than 800,000 inmates with family and friends on the outside through the video visitation software. I think that this is awesome because it represents the change in virtual technology that correctional institutions need.

The government realizes that it was time for an upgrade, and Securus Technologies was in the right place at the right time. This is a company has grown and transitioned over the years. Securus has been creating a whole lot of software for a long time, but I believe that the app for the video visitation has become the most popular application from this company so far. Many people are able to download this free app and get started with the video visitation right away.

I think that this is the best way for software companies to go. Many people are moving away from their desktops and the traditional inmate phone calls. I don’t even have a computer at home anymore. People can still use the webcam to visit through the desktop if they need to, but the app clearly appears to be the easiest way to visit. I certainly do believe that this application will encourage people to visit family members now.

The app clearly seems to be a winner because there are so many people that are downloading this. It has become a very hot topic of conversation for those that did not know that it existed. Many people that have not been to a prison visitation in a while will be surprised to discover how it is being coordinated now. Prisoners get the opportunity to rent the tablets for the video visitations.