Ricardo Guimarães: LinkedIn Most Searched Job Skills of 2015


LinkedIn is a popular business networking site. Ricardo Guimaraes, chairman of BMG Bank, notes that the networking site has steadily grown its user base during the past few years which is proof of the sites growing popularity. Working professionals can use the social network site to obtain job offers and increase their professional business contacts. Also, users can read articles and exchange tips and information related to their industry.

LinkedIn is not only increasingly becoming more popular among professional but organizations as well for recruiting business professionals. “Exame” magazine looked at search data from the business social networking site to find out which skills businesses were looking for most in 2015, as reported by Ricardo Guimaraes.

The reported data came from 9 countries which include Brazil, the U.S.A. among others. The result of the analysis are a list of 25 important business skills that are in demand. Among all countries, statistical and data analysis were two of the most highly searched skills among business professionals.

According to the Exame report, human resources expertise was also highly valued by employers. Indeed, the search for these career professionals increased by about 15% in the year 2015, according to Ricardo Guimarães of BMG. Professional recruiters in Brazil were not highly valued according to the report. Economic instability in the nation correlates with a decrease in search popularity of about 14%. Other professional skills that the report highlights are public relations, talent retention, business ethics, transparency, and corporate law, says the executive of BMG bank.

Ricardo Guimarães has created a list of the top 25 skills most searched for by Brazilian companies in the year 2015 according to data compiled from LinkedIn below. Please review the list as it deserves your attention.

1. Data analysis
2. Mobile infrastructure development
3. Software quality usability testing
4. Logistics
5. Web architecture
6. Middle-ware software
7. Engineering
8. Information security
9. Benefits and compensation
10. Corporate law
11. Work safety
12. User interface design
13. Application development
14. Business intelligence
15. System Review (SCR)
16. Recruitment
17. Public policy
18. Materials engineering
19. Perl / Python / Ruby
20. Java development
21. Business development
22. Social marketing
23. Digital marketing
24. Software modeling and process design
25. Shell scripting

One important thing for professionals to remember is not to become stagnant but continue to pursue the skills that companies in your industry value. Business professionals should look for ways to improve their knowledge and prepare themselves to meet the the latest skill requirements of their industry.

In 2011, Ricardo Guimarães became the president and chairman of BMG Bank. Before joining BMG, Guimarães was president of Clube Atlético Mineiro. In the year 1988, Guimarães graduated with a degree in business administration from UNA.

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