What To Look For In An Event Planner

When selecting an event planner you need to make sure that they are going to provide the type of service that you expect. That is why you need to consider the following.

– What is the goal of the event?

Before you take any steps such as creating a budget for the event you need to determine what the actual goal of the event will be and make sure to relay that idea clearly to the event planner. Ensure that they can accomplish what you are asking of them.

– Why do you need an event planner?

Once you are able to answer that question, you will be able to lay out a plan for a theme and other pertinent ideas that will outline the whole event.

– what is your budget?

Be sure not to overextend yourself when you are planning an event. Be realistic regarding what you can afford and also what is appropriate.

– Find a good event planner.

Use your networking skills in additional to some research to find an event planner that will be a good fit for your needs. It is best to incorporate both aspects in order to get a more clear picture of the event planners you are considering.

– Hold planner interviews.

This is a great way to be able to ask questions as well as answer the questions that the event planner may have for you. You will be able to get a better feel for the type of individuals that work for the company and whether or not you feel that they are right for the job.

– Outline the event details.

Make a list of the most important details about guests, topics, highlights, and any planned activities and be sure to inform the event planner ahead of time so that they are able to tailor the event perfectly.

If you are looking for a quality event planning company in New York, then you should check out 23 Layers. There are many event planners in NYC and finding the right one can be overwhelming. 23 Layers is a company that can create an event that will meet and exceed your expectations. You can find them in New York with a quick Google search.

Geoffrey Cone Helps People Go Tax-Free

Tax-free is something that some people can only dream of. This is because they live in countries that require them to pay taxes and in areas that are difficult to get into a lower tax bracket. The people in these countries are forced to pay money on what they make as well as what they own. The countries that have higher tax rates are often more comfortable to live in while the countries that have low tax rates are actually harder for people to live in because of the way that they are set up and because of the infrastructure that is in place in the countries.

New Zealand is a country that has been in the news a lot recently because of people thinking that it has a really low tax rate. The rate in New Zealand is not that low, though. It is actually around average for the world and is in line with many different countries. It is a tax rate that is average and is normal. It is something that is to be expected but some people think that New Zealand would be the perfect place to live so that they do not have to pay taxes no matter where they are at.

With that being said, New Zealand is actually suffering because of it. The financial infrastructure is not designed to house as many people as what it does and the economy is not set up for the thousands of people who have recently entered the country. This is a major problem and something that must be fixed because there are other problems that are coming about because of it. This has made issues for the government as well as for the people who live there.

When it comes to New Zealand, Geoffrey Cone loves the country. He also loves the people who live there as well as the way that things are done in the country. It is a fun country that is full of quirky people who know how to be as laid back as possible because of the way that they live. The economy was good and was a great place to be able to be for people who want to live somewhere that is beautiful and somewhere that has many different environments to live in. It is just not a place for people who want to be tax-free.

There are other countries, though, that are tax-free. Each year, Geoffrey Cone works to make sure that all of the countries that are tax-free are on the tax-free list. This list is designed for people who want to be able to work together to make sure that there are a lot of options for people who want to be tax-free. The countries that are on the list must meet certain requirements that include being tax-free or having very low taxes that are not easy for countries to satisfy without working hard to do so. Most of these are countries that have a poor economical outlook.

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Thor Halvorssen Becomes A Name To Be Reckoned With For Global Tyrants

For those of us who live in democratic societies it is often difficult to imagine what life is like for those trapped in closed societies under the rule of a dictator. Activists from around the world are hoping to change this view of the world with a dedicated effort to bring the attention of the media to these abuses, which has allowed Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation to develop his own position in the global community of activists as a leader.

Halvorssen is well known as the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and the major activism event known as the Oslo Freedom Forum. These two events have made Halvorssen a major part of the global activism community and also put the half Norwegian and half Venezuelan film producer at odds with many of those in the community who are not moving with the times as quickly as Halvorssen; Thor believes in using every media outlet available to get his point across whether they are right or left leaning news outlets. Read more: Trouble Maker For Tyrants | Weekly Standard

Halvorssen does not allow political pressure to be placed on the HRF, Halvorssen has been a vocal opponent of socialist and conservative dictators after seeing the damage done to Venezuela by the Hugo Chavez government.

Thor Halvorssen has found success in the film industry as a producer of both fiction and non-fiction films that often include his own interests of human rights.

A major area of interest for Thor Halvorssen is that of the rise of socialism in Eastern Europe in the post World War II landscape; Halvorssen has completed documentary films based on the propaganda wars fought between socialist officials and opponents of the political ideology during the COld War years.

Alongside the success Thor Halvorssen has achieved during his career as a film producer he has been working tirelessly throughout his adult life to raise awareness of the work completed by activists in the human rights community.

Halvorssen began his successful human rights career in the 1990s leading a campaign against Chinese slavery actions when the economy of the nation was beginning to emerge as a rival to that of the U.S.

Securus creates a visitation for in-mates that makes them feel right at home.

One of the worst feelings for children is being without a parent, or family member during the holiday’s. Especially when they are an inmate at a facility that isn’t as close in distance as we would like. A-lot of facilities are also limiting the ages of children able to attend visitation. Securus Technologies has changed this hurtle for families all over the world. They now offer a service called “At-Home Visitation“. This allows inmates to video chat with you straight from the comfort of your home. Most importantly at an affordable price. There is nothing like waking up Christmas morning, and still being able to share that experience with the person you love. After all, that is what family is about.


Most of us now a days have laptops or desktops that allow us access to the internet. Well, Securus has used this technology to allow us to see our “inmates” right from your computer screen. Thanks to Securus Technologies they have brought your loved one back home to you the best way they know how! There are many perks to the new video visitation system. One of the bigger issues that facilities have seen a positive change in has been, Contraband. “Contraband are goods that have been either imported, or exported illegally into the facility“. In person visitation has made this easier for inmates. Another perk is cutting back on long wait times. Sometimes loved ones are waiting hours to be able to spend twenty minutes speaking, and seeing their inmates. This is no longer as big of an issue with “At-Home Visitation”. You never have to leave your home to visit an inmate.


What are you waiting for? Go to Securus Technologies web page, and see if your local facility is established with Securus Technologies today!





Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

JustFab Has Passion and Truly Cares

When someone is running a business, they have to care about what they are doing and they have to care about the customers, first and foremost. Passion is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days and for good reason. When looking at various businesses, it is clear which ones have passion and which ones do not have passion. It is evident and the people are not dumb. Adam Goldenberg has never done anything that he is not passionate about or cares about at the end of the day. He feels as though he would be cheating himself, his morals, and his customers.

When Goldenberg teamed up with his business partner, Don Ressler, to create JustFab, he had the customers in mind and the people in mind. That was their sole purpose for doing this. They didn’t have intentions of getting rich. Although, a business has to make money, they wanted to create something to help people that are looking to shop online with a monthly subscription service that is $39.95. They have shoes, bags and accessories that come each month. That is a great deal considering the customer is getting great products and not cheap items. They are getting top-of-the-line products that are new and fun.

One thing they have talked about which is really important is they want to inspire women with this. That is a good intention and people like Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler always have good intentions in mind. They are able to make a profit while also do something good for women that inspires confidence and boosts their self esteem. They are looking out for them and they are in their corner, every single step of the way. They also want other women to connect with each other on fashion on fabletics.com and what they like and what they feel looks the best on them.

They are using this platform to do something really positive and that is wonderful. Adam Goldenberg are encouraging women to feel good, look good, and share with each other. Sometimes a person does not know what they are looking for or what they need until another woman points it out to them and tells them it looks good on them. Anytime a product can empower women and make them feel like a million bucks without costing an arm and a leg, that is a major positive. There is that passion and that care shining through once again.

FreedomPop Doesn’t Hesitate To Offer The Best Services

Doing a review of the many wireless service providers may be quick and easy because they only deal with cell phone service, but a FreedomPop review would be a bit more difficult because they have additional services on top of cell phone service. FreedomPop sells phones and also tablets that can be used on their network. There is no need to unlock the phones that are purchased from the FreedomPop website or a FreedomPop retailer because they are ready to go. Tablets are also usable on the FreedomPop network, especially if it allows for phone calls like a regular cell phone.

Every service that FreedomPop sells can be found on their website, but some retail stores may have limited services that they deal with when it comes to FreedomPop. Any retailer that sells FreedomPop services will be selling cell phone service, but some may not have the home Internet service or the portable hotspots. Those that cannot find the services they need in a retail store should go directly to the FreedomPop website to conduct their business. Anyone looking for a cell phone can purchase it directly from the website and have it shipped to them.

Setting up a FreedomPop cell phone service requires a sim card, so the sim card must be purchased on the website or through a retailer. A phone plan must also be chosen before using the service, and there are several plans to choose from. The most popular plan that many customers will pick the $20 unlimited cell phone plan, but there are other plans that cost more and some that cost less. The free cell phone plan is exactly that, free of charge, and the service can be used by absolutely anybody.

A $10.99 service also exists with additional services added onto it, and next is the $20 unlimited plan. Any plan above the $20 plan is simply adding additional 4G LTE data, which costs five dollars per extra gigabyte. Those who are interested in getting the Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop is offering should know that it’s only five dollars a month, there are millions of hotspots available, and the service is unlimited. The portable hotspots are also available for sale and come with 500 MB of free data each month. The home hub that’s sold by FreedomPop comes with 1 GB of free data monthly and has several plans available too.

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Do Away With Lip Dryness By Using Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm

One of the most important attractions on a woman is their lips. Lips that are smooth and beautifully made up are often the first thing a person notices when meeting someone new. Unfortunately, sometimes lips become dry or cracking. This may be due to exposure to the weather or simple neglect.

An excellent product that is available on the market today is called Evolution of Smooth. In production since 2009, it has became popular with women who wish to keep their lips smooth and protected. It has been found to be a great deal more popular than products such as Chapstick, Blisterex and other lip balm products.

A great deal of laboratory time was spent developing a product that is colorful and available in a number of venues like Walmart and even on Amazon. Evolution of Smooth is paraben-free and all products are organic. Vitamins, shea butter and jojoba oil have been added to produce a lip balm that prevents the development of dryness to the lips.

In addition, the most popular product of Evolution of Smooth is their colorful round containers that contain the balm. These containers are available in numerous colors and are a convenient size, which makes them easy to find when carrying in one’s handbag. Their top, which screws off, makes them easy to open. In addition, flavors such as Pomegranate Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint are available. Visit their website: https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.

Putting Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm on your lips makes it possible to prevent lip dryness while enjoying one of the outstanding flavors. Lips that are smooth will allow you to apply a colorful lipstick that will enhance your overall appearance.



Dream Achieving Advice from Doe Deere

When asked about her ambition, Doe Deere states that she has always loved to be creative. This creative desire made her be ambitious. Her dream as a child was to become a musician. She succeeded in that dream when she moved to New York as a seventeen year old. She lived in New York from 1998 until 2012. Doe and her bandmate/husband lived together in Manhattan and in Brooklyn. That creative ambition that drove her to go to New York to start a band additionally helped her become the owner of the makeup brand Lime Crime.

Her music pursuits taught Doe Deere how to market a business, something that came in good use when she went into the beauty business. She describes that she first started being interested in business when she sold temporary tattoos as a kid.

Doe Deere says that young women who are ambitious should follow their heart and find what is special about themselves that no one else has. Use that one thing that is special about you to achieve whatever goals it is that you have in your heart. She admits that for much of her life at first she felt kind of alone in how she thought and what she liked. As she grew older though, she realized despite being different she fit into the world just as anyone else does since that feeling different aspect is part of that one special thing about herself that no one else has. When she focused on what she loved and what was special about herself, Doe Deere was able to create Lime Crime and find business success.

Doe Deere also cites that to have success you need to figure out what is missing from the world. She made Lime Crime after noticing beauty companies mostly only sold natural or neutral colored makeup. After making some rainbow, electrifying lip colors she was shocked to learn many girls and women loved the color choices.

Deere says her passion for makeup really made her successful as well. She believes fashion, style, hair and makeup are one way women can express and create themselves how they want to be seen in the world. It is largely a confidence booster to do your makeup, hair and clothing. Lime Crime knows this and uses it for their sales by encouraging women and girls to be creative individuals.

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The Professional Networking Community honors Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is the current Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He guides and directs all the sales and management strategies in the company. Brian has a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from the James Watt Technical College. He went to pursue his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. Brian has a good technical background, and he has perfected the art of building a business structure that works.

Brian is a successful entrepreneur and also a popular and very successful finance executive. He specializes in mergers and acquisitions which have made him popular in these fields. Brian Bonar worked for IBM as a procurement manager and as a sales manager for Adaptec. He gained experience in these businesses and started his company called Bezier Systems. Brian worked for a few other companies before landing into Dalrada where has gained more popularity and success. He is also professionally associated with the American Finance Association.

As the Chairman and CEO Dalrada Financing Corporation Brian has been named the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the year in Finance. Being included in the Cambridge Who’s Who Register is an honor. The selection is done by the Cambridge’s Who’s Who selection committee and it is done based on the professional and academic achievements as well as the leadership abilities of the honorees. Only two male and two female members in every field are chosen and named the executives of the year.

Brian Bonar oversees operations for Dalrada Financial Corporation, and he has served as the company’s Chairman and CEO for more than a decade. This position makes him directly responsible for a huge selection of employee and employer benefits together with after-market products. Under his leadership, the company has become popular in the finance field all over Cambridge. He is committed to making the company well renowned in the world for its services. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://xrepublic.net/2015/09/03/brian-bonar-trains-his-employees-in-exceptional-customer-service/

The company provides a broad range of employee programs for its clients, and this increases business efficiency. These programs include risk management, employee benefits, promotional and business management services and financial management. According to Whitepages, Brian Bonar is also the Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc.

Brian Bonar says that he strives to build client trust through each and every opportunity the client gives him. He is a leader who is inspired to making sure he achieves the aspirations and also the goals of all his clients. Brian has a diverse blend of skills and experience, and he also maintains great client relationships.

The Most Popular Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort

Are you planning on taking a vacation? Why not bring your entire family to the most popular skiing destination in the United States? Lake Tahoe is surrounded by the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is the second deepest lake in the United States, and on average, one can see 70 feet down into it’s crystal clear waters. There are many ski resorts on Lake Tahoe. Kirkwood, Squaw Valley and Heavenly are a couple ski resorts located on the lake on squawalpine.com. In 2011, the owners of Squaw Valley, KSL Capital Partners purchased Alpine Meadows and decided to unite the two mountains, making the two mountains into one very large ski resort. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has become the most popular skiing spot on Lake Tahoe.

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are so close that when you reach the top of one mountain, you can see the other. Sometime within the next year a gondola will be opening up on the two mountains. Allowing the customers to ski both mountains by using a lift instead of having to drive to each base. There are many events and activities for your family to do at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. There is skiing of course, but after you’ve spent the day out on the mountains why not go relax at the Trilogy Spa or go out to dinner at one of the many restaurants that Lake Tahoe has to offer. The also have mountain tours; where you can go sightseeing and view the mountain from either tram or helicopter.

So why not bring your family and spend a week on the slippery slopes of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Come and enjoy yourself; whether it is in their wonderful lodge or out in the snow. They offer skiing classes for children and beginners. You may think that since you’ve never tried to ski that it probably isn’t for you, but I’m sure once you get on the mountain, and have a couple classes, you will be great. Why wait when you can book today and ensure that you have a spot at the most popular skiing resort.